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Lead Conversion – if you’re not first, you’re last

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The biggest determinant of success in a lead generation program is the ability to quickly connect with a prospect and close the sale. While many business owners are quick to connect it’s challenging to quickly close. So, how hot just is your phone hand? Did you know calling a lead within five minutes increases your chances of contact by 500%!.

In the first five minutes, you are given the opportunity to either position yourself as first or LAST. Customers executing high intent actions like requesting a quote are seeking an immediate response and instant gratification. Furthermore, if you go past the 30 minute mark with your contact time, customer intent nearly disappears and decreases your odds of contact by 100 times. (I change my mind much quicker than that!) If you’ve passed that time mark, the intent to purchase has died, or they have already purchased a service from your competition… someone who was just a bit faster on response time.
Customers today are highly educated and complete most of their due diligence on a purchase up front. This means, when they finally do submit a contact form or request information on your website, they are much more prepared to make a purchase decision. Perhaps the most important, and actionable figure in the sales infographic below is that the company that contacted a lead first, closed the sale 78% of the time.                   Medals.jpeg

Being first to respond is the biggest advantage you have in beating the competition and taking your business to the next level. American consumers in the 21st century want things now. Fast food, one day shipping, and more. We don’t like waiting and we don’t expect too. Don’t make your customers wait. Give them what they want, and give it to them now. Because in the game of business… if you’re not first, you’re last.
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