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Ten Unexpected Ways Business Can Make Your Life Better

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Is Fear Choking Your Business? Embrace Trust & Connection

Hello, you overworked but undeniably successful entrepreneur you! Now, let’s cut through the BS. I’m not here to sell you some magic beans that’ll grow into a giant beanstalk of business success. I’m here to talk about an investment - in your customers, your brand, and in yourself. It's called TrustKeg, a software by JAB Consulting Group for capturing authent


The Tale of the Unsung Entrepreneur and when Trust Triumphed

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of StartUp-Ville, lived an entrepreneur named Eddie. Eddie had a vision - to build a business empire that would make Midas himself green with envy. He was the owner of a chain of hip coffee shops called "Caffeine Dreams." Eddie had everything he needed: prime locations, an enthusiastic team, and a product that could put

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The Time I Almost Ruined Christmas… and it’s Impact on your Business Strategy.

A few weeks ago I ran across a post on Facebook entitled “Ruin Christmas Using Only 4 Words“. Immediately, I shared the post to my daughter’s page accompanied by the words, “Let’s Make Gingerbread Houses”. For all of you blessed with the gift of Pinterest, this phrase may not stir the unbridled trauma in your family like it does in ours. To clue you in, le

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Top 3 Reasons Google is “Just Not that Into You”

You remember the comedic self-help book turned movie, The No-Excuse Truth to Understanding Guys that debuted about twelve years ago? Well if you missed it, it outlines many of the hilarious excuses people make as they obsess about the reasons a new love interest may not have responded to their advances.  Perhaps he didn’t call back because he is… stuck on a des

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Lead Conversion – if you’re not first, you’re last

The biggest determinant of success in a lead generation program is the ability to quickly connect with a prospect and close the sale. While many business owners are quick to connect it’s challenging to quickly close. So, how hot just is your phone hand? Did you know calling a lead within five minutes increases your chances of contact by 500%!. In the first five mi

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JAB Consulting Group

Using our RE-Keying formula, we achieve growth by fostering trust, challenging worn out tactics, and creating productive friction. We turn business challenges into innovative solutions to make businesses loved and valued. We're revolutionizing the business landscape & helping companies realize their untapped potential.

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